Melanotan 1 & 2 Difference Europe

Tanning maintains bone and teeth health. It also keeps the nervous and immune system in perfect shape. It aids diabetes management, balances insulin levels, supports optimal lung function, and more. Melanotan 1 & Melanotan 2 is perfect for tanning.

When tanning, you can experience an enhanced mood. Studies show that mood elevation associated with a high level of endorphin. But it still requires extensive research to prove the claim. Natural tanning also improves appearance. Today, tanning has been a trend among people of all ages. It’s no surprise because a golden tan enhances a person’s sexier complexion. It boosts self-esteem and helps manage stress.

But, natural tanning poses health risks. It promotes skin malignancies, such as:

  • squamous cell carcinoma,
  • basal cell carcinoma,
  • melanoma.

The good news is that there are excellent alternatives. MT-1 and MT-2 don’t have such serious skin complications.

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What are Melanotan 1 & 2?

Well, both are peptides that serve as a great tanning agent. When tanning, you think of lying under the sun for hours or covering your body with sun tanning cremes. MT-1 and MT-2 are quality options to consider.

You can enjoy glowing and natural-looking tan without the dangers of UV rays. If you hate the injections, Melanotan is available in different forms like a nasal spray.

A Brief Look at the History of Melanotan 1 & 2

Melanotan might sound new to some. But the truth is that it has been in the industry after its invention and development in 1981. While the product was ineffective decades ago, today’s MT-1 and MT-2 are different. Thanks to technology’s development and advancement.

Melanotan 1 & 2 Differences and Similarities

With the efforts of the industry, Melanotan can mimic the action of melanocyte-stimulating hormone (MSH). Years later, Melanotan 2 has introduced in the market.

Developed in the University of Arizona, MT-2 is another analogue of MSH. MT-is believed to produce the effect of the melanocyte. And other produced hormones in the pituitary gland.

For decades, we’ve known that Melanotan 1 is a full-length peptide. How about the MT-2? , it is a circular version of afamelanotide.

Both MT-1 and MT-2 are an excellent tanning agent. But if you’re experiencing low sex drive, MT-2 can be useful.

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